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Wood Crafts & Custom Design

A love of craft and design permeates every project and often leads to innovative new uses of materials,  designs, and processes. We tend to rustic designs but you may find other less rustic items on the site, either will smartly accent your home. We also custom make items to perfectly fit your design.

Custom Woodwork

We design and craft a variety of products - each unique in its details and finish. Repurposed and salvaged wood as well as new oak, popular, and other woods are used to add charm to the item. Each item is finished to complement the design, then sealed for long-lasting protection.

Our décor products include cup holders, coat hook racks, bottle openers, wine and coffee racks, and other decorative items. 

Tables, including live edge and resin, coffee tables, shelf units, industrial pipe shelves, desks, and carts make up our furniture products.

We have many items in our shop for purchase and immediate delivery. Typically, products are available in various sizes and finishes. 

We would love to work with you on a custom design built to your specifications. 

All would make thoughtful gifts or beautiful additions to your home.

Shop For Wood Crafts & Decor

Click Contact Us to request a design that is uniquely yours even if you don't see it in our shop!

Click Shop to view and order from our current stock or to request a modification.

This Is Just A Small Sample of Our Wood Crafts & Decor

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